A Polish ECo-C: Perspectives

23.06.2010 01:00

Analysing the possible contributions of the ECo-C to the Polish labour market.

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The Implications of Teamwork

16.06.2010 01:00

Discussing the relationship and use of two ECo-C Modules

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ECo-C Hungary: Soon now!

09.06.2010 01:00

Announcing developments in Hungary

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Exploring the value of Social and Personal Competency

26.05.2010 00:00

The purpose of the ECo-C corresponds to the priorities of business today: Sonja Zwazl, president of the NÖ Chamber of Commerce, informs herself on the program.

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ECo-C Erlebnis Days, May 10th and 11th: HRMs see and speak

19.05.2010 00:01

Human Resource Managers sample the ECo-C program and share their views.

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ECo-C News: a Statement of Intent

03.05.2010 01:15

An introduction to the ECo-C news page.

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Day of Communication - March 5th, 2010

11.03.2010 14:34

In a world full of communicationyou cannot not communicate.

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Communication Day at the IPKeurope

05.03.2010 13:10

Communication is a paradoxical word. On the one hand, everyone communicates all the time, more so now than in centuries past; and yet, in our day and age, we have finally come to recognise that the fact that we talk, does not mean we are in any way adept at communication. There are two parts to a successful exchange: the speaker, and the listener. Overlooking the importance of either to the proper transfer of a message is unlikely to result in successful communication.

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