Become an ECo-C Trainer with TQS-Status

To ensure a sustainable quality assurance in the ECo-C Initiative, alltrainers must fulfil several aptitudes at the ECo-C Preparatory Courses.

All ECo-C Trainers can only be authorised by IPKEurope and the local ECo-C country representatives.Their task is to organise the ECo-C preparatory classes at one of the authorised TraningCenters with TQS-Status.

Requirements to become an ECo-C Trainer with TQS-Status

  • Experiences in the field of training/coaching/adult education with at least 2.000 hours of training (proofed by training)
  • Degree in Education or at least didactic training (at least 110 hours of “train the trainer lessons”)
  • Co-operation with an authorised Eco-C educationcenter with TQS-Status
  • Certificate of Gender mainstreaming: aspects of teamwork (at least 8 hours)
  • Certificate of Diversity Management (at least 8 hours)
  • The management (of the authorised ECo-C TrainingCenter with TQS-Status) must provide and submit a training certificate for all ECo-C Trainers.

Procedures of an ECo-C Trainer with TQS-Status Workshop

  • To become an Eco-C Trainer you must successfully participate at one of the one-day workshops (9am to 2pm) organised by IPKeurope and the local ECo-C country representative.
  • You must successfully pass those modules, for which you want to become a trainer, and demonstrate your training skills in a 15 minutes live-demonstration. After a positive evaluation you are committed to hold the ECo-C Preparatory Courses at the ECo-C TrainingCenter with TQS-Status.
  • The application for the workshops can only be submitted at an authorised ECo-C TraninigCenter with TQS-Status.