Become an ECo-C TrainingCenter

1. Statement of interest

The application form must be completed, signed and sent to IPKeuropewith all other necessary enclosures. In case of complete data, you willget a confirmation and an invoice (authorisation fee). The payment isnecessary for further processing.

Please write an email to asking for the statement of interest.

2. Preparatory phase

Selection of qualified testing methods
The ECo-C TrainingCenter must decide for one or more qualified module testings or methods before signing the contract. This decision can be made in co-operation with ECo-C Europe and the local country representative.

Visitation of an ECo-C Europe Auditor
Inspection of the data (facilities, technical infrastructure, etc.). A positive report is necessary for further processing.

Training with ECo-C Products
The applicant must complete the appropriate workshops per TQS-Status (Trainer or Tester). These necessary confirmations must be digitally available.

The licence contract will be delivered by mail. This contract must be signed in duplicate by the licensee and returned to ECo-C. ECo-C will check all data and decide. The licence contract will be returned in case of a positive decision.

Starting phase

The TrainingCenter will receive a letter of authorisation, marketing materials and further essential information.