ECo-C Prices

Please ask your TrainingCenter for a pricing overview on the ECo-C Card and the ECo-C examination fees.

Learn all the skills in the preparatory class of any ECo-C TrainingCenter, or through independent study.

Preparatory class:
The ECo-C Training will last up to 80 days (depending on skillsaccording to the analysis check). All Eco-C Training Centers provideECo-C Preparatory Classes. The prices underlie the calculations of eachECo-C TrainingCenter. The costs for a package including all fourECo-C Modules vary between EUR 320,00 and EUR 2450,00 (dependingon amount of lessons, provided learning materials, amount ofparticipants, etc.).

Independent study:
Perpare yourself with the ECo-C qualified manuals and the ECo-C E-LearningCenter. Ask your TrainingCenter for further information.