ECo-C goes Liechtenstein and Switzerland!

14.05.2012 15:00

ECo-C the European communication certificate goes Liechtenstein and Switzerland...

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At a Trade Fair in Hungary

04.11.2010 15:42

Hungarian HR Managers discover the ECo-C.

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Immigrating to Romania: could the ECo-C thrive there?

18.08.2010 01:00

The launch forecast suggests that the ECo-C will be launched in Romania within some two years. This article aims to look more closely at the country.

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Ignore the symbols at your peril

11.08.2010 17:00

A national holiday is a symbol that efficient communicators will not overlook.

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A Polish ECo-C: Perspectives

23.06.2010 01:00

Analysing the possible contributions of the ECo-C to the Polish labour market.

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ECo-C Hungary: Soon now!

09.06.2010 01:00

Announcing developments in Hungary

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