Musing on Apprenticeships, p.2

27.03.2011 01:00

Apprenticeships have changed, but so have apprentices and their educational background.

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Bringing apprenticeships up to date

19.01.2011 01:00

Apprenticeships are a very old form of professional path, one taken by young people barely out of the schoolroom. It therefore becomes very important to teach them about interpersonal relations in their profession.

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Onwards onto certifiable expertise (Training Trainers, p.3)

03.12.2010 01:00

The testing of a trainer’s expertise is a requirement of any reasonably high-quality educational institution.

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Exploring the value of Social and Personal Competency

26.05.2010 00:00

The purpose of the ECo-C corresponds to the priorities of business today: Sonja Zwazl, president of the NÖ Chamber of Commerce, informs herself on the program.

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