An important contribution to personality development and the consolidation of peace

06.03.2016 17:08

Description of picture: Prof. Leopold Kaiblinger, President of the ECo-C Foundation, during the working meeting with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mr. Hassine Abbassi from Tunesia.

After the official  reception given by Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer and  Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, the Nobel Peace Prize  Laureates were informed about the international education standard ECo-C and the Social Media Licence by the  ECo-C Foundation.

The international education standard ECo-C and the  Social Media Licence will support us, to provide qualification  in communication and personality development to people  in Tunesia and Union Magreb. The implementation will only  bring advantages to the development of the society and the econoy. I am convinced, that the ECo-C Social Media Licence is a key factor for the "All-together-idea" as well as an important contribution to the personality development of people and the consolidation of peace, says the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mr. Hassine Abbassi.

Quality-assured Qualification
in Communication and Personality Development

The international education standard ECo-C will be adapted to the education programme of teachers, teaching staff and teaching education by the tunesian Ministry of Education in autumm 2016. The ECo-C certification will be performed in arabic and french.

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureates 2015 are a "quartet of dialogue" consisting of four tunesian organisations. In summer 2013 the trade union confederation UGTT, the employers assoiciation UTICA, the human rights league LTDH and the lawyers´association became part of the "national dialogue quartet" in tunesia.

This formation proves the advantage in relation to other countries: signifficantly secular organisations realized in this case, that is no other way but dealing with the religious share in the country – which is higher than expected as well as higher than in 2011.


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