At a Trade Fair in Hungary

04.11.2010 15:42

Last week, while Austria was commemorating its Independence on October26th, another event of equal importance to anyone interested intraining of in developing any given skill set was about to be launched; thiswas Personal Hungary, which was subsequently held on October 27th-28th.

As the website and name of the organisation ( suggests, this is a fairfor Human Resource Managers from Hungary. The fair covers many relevant skills,including HR services, HR consulting, HR software / hardware, but also, topics thatare of particular interest to the ECo-C: Further education and training, and E-learning/ Blended Learning.

The final two are of particular interest to a certain innovative Austrianproduct that aims to support the spread of common standards of quality to allof Europe, from large, multinational firms, to small ones. The first of the twois its nature, and the second, a part of the technical processes used in theacquisition of the certificate. And this demonstrates why it was important forthe ECo-C to be represented in such fairs: because, in the field of socialcompetency, it represents exactly what HR managers are looking for, but with acertified continent-wide slant that bridges generational gaps.

This is also the point that was made by Mrs. Beata Földvary, the Head ofECo-C Hungary, during a round table event at the fair. Mrs. Földvary, took thefloor to present the European Communication Certificate to attendees from manylarge multinational firms.

In many ways, this key presence can be applauded, and fully attributedto the finalization of processes in Hungary, as recently reported. The simplefact of the matter is that had the certification process for the trainers notbeen completed, it would have been somewhat harder to extrapolate on the ECo-Cat this most interesting and relevant event.

ECo-C at Personal Hungary

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