Communication as the trendsetting source of energy for Abu Dhabi

09.12.2013 12:00

Abu Dhabi - a further milestone of the ECo-C initiative

UAE/Abu Dhabi: In the run of a business trip organised by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce the members of the ECo-C Foundation had several interesting meetings with potential partners in Abu Dhabi.

The potential partners see a big value in the international certification programme ECo-C, because Abu Dhabi puts high emphasis on quality-assured educational standards.

The plan is that the ECo-C Country Representation for Abu Dhabi begins its work on the International Day of Communication on the 5th of March in 2014.

With ECo-C IntComm universities in Abu Dhabi will have the chance to implement an internationally valid educational standard as a further offer to their students with high added value. The ECo-C Business certification programme will be targeted to internationally acting companies and shall be implemented in their personnel development programmes. 

We are looking forward to further news from Abu Dhabi and wish all the best for the future.

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