Companies and young people meet in Liechtenstein

22.04.2013 16:33

Initiated by the Chamber of Commerce of Liechtenstein the Recruiting Days took place in Vaduz in April 2013. And it was a full success. ECo-C Liechtenstein was of course also present at the exhibition.

21 exhibitors presented 54 different professions in the field of commerce, trade and service sector and reflected the broad range of Liechtenstein's economy.

The exhibitors did not only present the different professions in a theoretical way, but had also a lot of practical shows: It was forged, drilled, masoned and computer networks were set up. The pupils were excited and liked especially the practical shows.

Talking with some representatives from named Liechtensteiner companies not only the technical skills are from importance when hiring young people for apprenticeships but also the social and soft skills. Therefore ECo-C is of importance for both: the young people and the companies.


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