Discover your personal potentials through ECo-C!

16.10.2017 10:41

The workshop has been an enriching experience for our private and professional life!

Due to many feedbacks from ECo-C participants and graduates, many small and medium sized companies, large enterprises and major groups demand the international quality-assured ECo-C qualification in communication and personality development from new employees as well as from the existing staff or it is the basic requirement for job seekers to take job and career opportunities.

Extract: Recent feedback from the ECo-C graduate

Christian wrote: I profitted from the workshop! I have been invited to the ÖBB (Austrian Railways´) Assessment Center to participate in a selection process, which appeared to be quite something. 86 people applied and 10 have been invited. We had to give presentations, solve conflicts and lead a team. It was exactly what we have been taught in the ECo-C Cert course. I was the only one, who actually had fun during this process and I believe, that this was the reason, why they have chosen me. I will be the new Ressource-Manager of  the ÖBB Postbus AG – which is the major job and career  rise form e! / Thank you

Guillermo wrote: How are you doing? I hope you are all well and still motivated. I am great. I got a new Job as a IT executive for a transport company in Linz. I was able to convice my counterpartner within one hour that I am the best choice for this position. The ECo-C course was very helpful for me.

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