ECo-C and the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards: A perfect Match

23.04.2013 17:00

And the winners are...

Erasmus EuroMedia Award Ceremony 2013: Handover of the Grand Awards sponsored by ECo-C

For the fourth time ESEC - The European Society for Education and Communication - was hosting the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards Ceremony at the Campus of the University of Vienna. And for the third time ECo-C is sponsoring one of the prizes. This year: The Grand Awards.

The Erasmus EuroMedia Awards honour media productions focusing on the discourse of European societies, the promotion of European values and actual European cultural debates. Hence it is obvious for ECo-C to support this initiative as sponsoring partner.

Also this year a broad range of interesting media productions from all over Europe applied for the Grand Award, the Medals of Excellence and the three Special Awards in the categories Culture & Aesthetics, Social Ethics and Critical Assessment of History.

The named jury of widely recognised and internationl experts was assessing all the applicants and awarded the best productions in terms of product quality and profound discussion. But: besides the awards, the nomination itself is already a certificate of quality, given to all productions that meet the high standards of the ESEC jury.

The Erasmus EuroMedia Awards are endowed with 4.400 EUR and in 2013 the winners are:

Grand Awards (endowed with 1.000 EUR each)
Michael Majerski (Germany)
Documentary: Oberschlesien - Hier wo wir uns begegnen

Rai (Italy)
TV show: Se una farfalla batte le ali

Special Awards (endowed with 800 EUR each)
Daan Jansen/NCRV (Netherlands)
Documentary: Altjid Wat: Child labour in Turkish cotton industry

Bernhard Hetzenauer (Austria)
Documentary: Und in der Mitte der Erde war Feuer

Stefan Haupt (Switzerland)
Documentary: Sagrada

Again big time congrats to all winners and many thanks to their hard work, effort and dedication.

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