Eco-C qualification in communication education and personality development A multi-facetted year is drawing to an end. We are particularly

06.12.2017 06:47

A multi-facetted year is drawing to an end. We are particularly proud that the customer satisfaction increased from 84,8% in 2016 to 93,6% in 2017. This shows, that quality in education with process-oriented quality-management is the right way.

Christmans Special 2017: Guidance for adolescents with learning difficulties
Developmental delays, individual unsuitable education measurments and familiar predispostions or traumatizations are some of many reasons that lead to the experience that learning in general is burdening process. But sometimes learning is simply taught suboptimal.

 You are invited to support our Christmas Special from 06.12.2017 – 06.01.2018 with just one click!

 Click Christmans Special 2017

Per click on this IP adress 0,50 € will be credited to the BJL Christmas Special account and used to support the teaching guidance of adolescents with learning difficulties.

 We wish you and your families a peaceful holiday season and a happy, healty and succesful start into 2018.


Holy night …
Lyrics/Composer: Joseph Mohr / Franz Xaver Gruber
Interpreter: Professori and the Digital Orchestra

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