International Day of Communication - ECo-C TOP-Five Trainer Award

05.03.2011 11:00

ECo-C TOP-Five Trainer Award - and the winner is...

In the spirit of celebrating that which is worthy of celebration, and from the perspective of the ECo-C TOP-Five Trainer Award announced last week, we would like to begin the weekly article by announcing (in alphabetical order), that the six ECo-C TOP Trainers in Austria are:

Bruna Petra, ECo-C certified TrainingCenter Weidinger & Partner
Mautner Susanne
, ECo-C certified TrainingCenter KAIPO

Platz Peter
, ECo-C certified TrainingCenter Best Training

Plavec Petra
, ECo-C certified TraningCenter Best Training
Spreckelsen Petra Astrid
, ECo-C certified TrainingCenter BIT Wien
Stubenvoll Roland
, ECo-C certified TrainingCenter IBIS ACAM Wien

Observant people will notice that there are six names on the list, suggesting an ex aeco win (a tie, in short).

Prospective parents will note that the most of these excellent people are named Petra or Peter, and retain the name as one that indicates a capacity and a potential for excellence in social competency.

The rest of our readers will, along with us at, wish to congratulate the laureates for being the ones who, out of over 500 candidates, made it on this list. While there can only be a single winner (or, in this case, two ex aeco winners), being 5th out of 500+ is not exactly an embarrassment, and is indeed worthy of praise.

As for the actual ranking of these winners? It follows:

1st place ex aeco: Dipl.Des Spreckelsen Petra Astrid (BIT Wien) and Mautner Susanne (KAIPO)

2nd place: Stubenvoll Roland (IBIS ACAM Wien)

3rd place: Mag.a Plavec Petra (Best Training)

4th place: Bruna Petra (Weidinger & Partner)

5th place: Platz Peter (Best Training)

Some special mentions were also given:
Special mention for vivid training, incl. hands-on practice: Iatrou Monika (
Best Training)

Special mention for dedication in the training and motivation of the candidates: Widmann Susanna (IBIS ACAM)
Special mention for comprehensive explanation of ECo-C specific terminology: Mag. Czerny Michael (Die Berater)
Special mention for Intercultural know-how transfer: Nigl Thomas (Update Training)

Congratulations to all. And thank you for all your efforts. Have a great Day of Communication!

ECo-C Top-Five Trainer Award 2010: The winners
Dr. Inge Friehs, Mag. Ewald Eckl, Winner Dipl.Des. Petra Astrid Speckelsen, Winner Susanne Mautner, Brigitte Kaiblinger, Leopold Kaiblinger, Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Bauer, Mag. Karina Kaiblinger

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