ECo-C Tunisia attended the HR EXPO TUNIS 2020

28.02.2020 11:18

Tunis: An important international trade fair took place from 19.02.2020  to 20.02.2020   in Cité de la Culture in Tunis. The information stand of ECo-C was very well attended by managers and decision makers. It was found that due to the digitalization and related digital transformation ECo-C has become  an important building block.

International qualification in communication and personal development
Communication skills and team-working abilities are first priority in the process of personnel recruiting. ECo-C ensures a win-win solution for businesses, employees and technological progress.

5. 03.  I  14th International day of communication
5th of March is the international day of communication. This year due to given occasion the main event takes place within the ECo-C initiative in Košice. we will provide additional information about the event.

 #the 4th dimension  I  New radio station on-air
Since 12.12.2019 the radio station galacticradio is on-air. Under the motto „Music for the whole family“ music is offered 24/7 nonstop. The radio channel can be received via the website Alexa users can of course activate Galactic Radio Skill and control the device by calling “Alexa, start galactic radio” or  “Alexa, play galactic radio” or “Alexa, what´s on galactic radio”.

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