Economy meets education: 10 years ECo-C Slovakia

19.05.2017 11:00

Bratislava: During the occasion of the economic forum austria /slovakia in Bratislava, Dr. Christoph Leitl, president of the austrian federal economic chamber was briefed about ECo-C activities in slovakia. Associated with the digital switchover – keyword „economy4.0" – it is now highly indispensable, that employees recieve further education in the field of communication and personality competences, says President Dr. Christop Leitl.

The international education standard ECo-C is a sought-after qualificatino for communication and personality skills in businesses, universities and instutions. By the use of Eco-C learning contents the ability to communicate will improve, the ability to work in a team will increase, the conflict-management skills will improve and the self-management abilites will be optimized, says Professor Leopold Kaiblinger, President of the Eco-C Foundation.

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