Education has top priority

17.12.2013 07:49

Education will be given greater significance in our society, economy and politics in the future,  just as it should be. Wether the competitions between regions, or global competition:  decision makers have already realized the impact of international, quality assured and sustainable education on the social development and the economic success.

In europe the signs of the times are calling budget consolidation. It is therefore all the more important, that quality and sustainability in education can be assured, to offer the best further-education opportunities on an international level. The ECo-C-sustainability-study reveals, that the ECO-C initiative is surely on the right way to do so.

Emerging countries, such as turkey, are focussing on the international education standards, that assure a valid education guarantee. Starting in March 2014 the international education standards ECo-C IntComm will be integrated into the regular curriculum in the Anadolu university and the T.C Marmara university

investments in communicatin skills will be important matters in future in the United Arab Emirates. International and intercultural communication are the top priority, in view of the economic, social and environmenta developments of the U.A.E. and in associated with the EXPO 2020.

The ECo-C education program was presented at the education-research-trip in the U.A.E. “I am very pleased,  that ECo-C meets the high requirements for internationality, quality and sustainability. The ECo-C representatives will commences operation in march 2014 in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.” Says the president of the ECo-C Foundation Prof. Leopold Kaiblinger.

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