05.03.2015: 9. International Day of Communication

25.02.2015 14:51

On Thursday, March 5, 2015, the International Day of Communication will be celebrated for its 9th anniversary, called into life by ECo-C Foundation 2006. ECo-C is an educational curricular program for communication skills, affiliated to ECo-C Foundation, based in Vienna, working internationally in cooperation with public and private educational institutions on all E-levels for the enhancement of communication competence. The program, structured in 6 levels, provides academic, vocational education and continuing education students an extra-curricular certification in communication skills, accredited within the European certification framework. ECo-C is working internationally, always in close cooperation with local educational institutions on all levels, as well with universities, providing communication competence programs and – as there are increasing needs – media competence programs especially for the usage of social media (“Social Media Driving License”). Meanwhile ECo-C has gone abroad to many European countries including Turkey and beyond this: the United Arab Emirates.

On account of all those achievements but also on the occasion of the International Day of Communication and on basis of the feedback of the certification holders the best trainer out of 1000 ECo-C- trainers will be awarded by the ECo-C Foundation with the ECo-C TQS Award 2015.

This day also is a welcome opportunity to award the ECo-C candidates with the ECo-C Certificate who have completed the program successfully even with heavy or partially sight disabilities.

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