9th International Day of Communication: Impressions from Spain

11.03.2015 09:01

Prof. José Manuel Olivar from ECo-C España celebrated the International Day of Communication with giving a talk about Social Skills to the enthusiastic students of the Centro Integrado Mariana Sanz in Pamplona in Spain.

After more than ten years organising training for entrepreneurs and managers Prof. José Manuel Olivar wanted to offer the students the more transformative techniques used in company training: Why don’t we learn earlier to communicate, to deal with conflicts and to work in a team? The conference began practicing with the Hermann test in order to deal with self-knowledge and continued with key elements of communication, conflicts and team work. 

For the Vocational and Education Training Centre Social Skills are an important topic. Hence, it developed together with the regional employers association two guides on this matter, one of them about how to practice Social Skills in the Vocational Training and Education and the second about dealing with costumers. In this context the ECo-C curriculum and standards are key elements of a successfull Social Skill's training.

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