International education standard ECo-C IntComm for students

23.06.2014 14:51

Turkey/Eskisehir:  Integration “harmonious interaction”, appreciation, willingness to embrace changes are just some of the contents within the training course based on the international education standard ECo-C IntComm. Starting with the autumm term, all students of the anadolu university in eskisehir will be enabled to complete the training for the international education standard ECo-C. “I am particulary pleased to offer ECo-C to our students of the Anadolu University.” says Prof. Dr. Naci Gündogan, Rector of Anadolu University in eskisehir.

We attach great importance to integration
“We will implement the international education standard ECo-C in the current curriculum and provide it to our students, who live abroad and benefit from our distance learning university. This allows us to sustainably promote and strengthen integration.” says Prof. Dr. Mustafa Cakir, Director of Research Center for Turkish Nationality Abroad at the Anadolu-University.

Exploiting educational opportunitiies on an international level
With the positive completion of the international ECo-C certification students will have an internationally accepted proof of competences, that proves the fundamental knowledge of international communication, as well as the sustainable promotion of social skills.

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