MA, Dr. Sonja Hammerschmid, Ministry of education Austria, obtains information on ECo-C

15.09.2017 03:32

President of ECo-C Foundation Prof. Leopold Kaiblinger, MA, Dr. Sonja Hammerschmid, Ministry of education Austria

In order to meet the requirements within the scope of the digitization in the world of work, communicaton skills and personal development are inevitable to ensure future-oriented developments in the education system. Ministry of education Austria MA, Dr. Sonja Hammerschmied obtains first hand information about the qualification in the communciation and personality education through the international education standard ECo-C.


The most important 5 questions regarding the ECo-C initiative

What is ECo-C?
ECo-C – European communication certificate is a qualification programme for communication edcuation and personality development and therefore unique in the field of soft skills educaiton.

Who can benefit from ECo-C?
Persons, who want to meet the requirements of the economic sector, such as team, communication and conflict management skills etc. by learning adequate metthods and techniques according to the international  education standard Eco-C.

What is the advantage for these persons and the businesses?
The advantages for the participants are obvious:
-        Better communication skills
-        An appreciative and respectful relationship with colleagues is a matter of course
-        Misunderstandings are reduced significantly
-        Professional conflict management is acheived
-        The focus is on a solution-oriented approach

The advantages for businesses and enterprises
-        Significant developments in the internal communication as well as communciation with customers.
-        Reduction of disturbances in team work
-        Increase of work efficiency
-        Optimised working atmopshere
-        Enthusiasm for new innovative developments among the employees

How is ECo-C structured?
Eco-C is a modular, level-oriented qualification programme, according to age and career developments.

Level 2: ECo-C SkenPersons aged 15, for example: pupils form 8th or 9th class
Level 3: ECo-C Start

Persons aged 16, for example: apprentices or trainees,
pupils with migration background

Level 5: ECo-C CertPersons aged 17, for example: skilled workers, clerks
Level 6: ECo-C IntCommPersons aged 18, for example: college or university graduates
Level 7: ECo-C BusinessPersons aged 18, for example: young executives, junior managers
Level 8: ECo-C TQSPersons aged 25, for example: pedagogical staff, coaches, instructors

Is ECo-C valid and recognised?
Eco-C is an international recognised education guarantee, based on scientific grounds that are assured by the Eco-C Foundation. The international education standard has already been established and recognised in 36 countries.

Do graduates receive a certificate?
After the completition of the ECo-C certification exam graduates receive the international recognised certificate. Level 5 (ECo-C Cert) and Level 7 (ECo-C Business) also include a skills card.

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