Of fine wines and trainers, and of the things they have in common

16.12.2010 20:00

On the 8th of December, the process ofcertification for the first batch of Hungarian ECo-C trainers was declared complete,and the participants were awarded their certificate; as expected, they allpassed, but whether that is a testament to the quality of their trainers orthemselves is anyone’s guess; one should simply side with caution and say thatquality attracts quality.

However, what this means in practical terms isthat Hungarians can now begin taking the ECo-C in their own country andlanguage; likewise, Hungarian HRM professionals investigating their company’straining requirements should now be able to consider (and hopefully, select!)the ECo-C to train employees in. Furthermore, in terms of selecting newemployees, the ECo-C will now feature on the CVs of Hungarians, as much as the“Appelation of Controlled Origin”features on vintages of the highest quality.

In a somewhat tongue-in-cheek fashion, we mightask: is a Hungarian ECo-C trained professional like a fine wine? There are somesimilarities between the two; quality, and wider appreciation in socialcontexts; a sip of wine may play its part in giving any social context a morecomfortable feel, just like an ECo-C trained professional will instinctivelyknow how to put people at ease. And of course, any label of quality isregistered in the proper catalogue or publication.

For ECo-C Hungary, this means the HR Almanach, asproduced by www.hr-portal.hu, apublication aimed at professionals from the education and HR industries lookingfor an oversight of their market and of recent developments in it. If you speakHungarian, check it out and let us know your opinion!

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