Onwards onto certifiable expertise (Training Trainers, p.3)

03.12.2010 01:00

Eckert Schulen Fernleghgaenge

The testing of a trainer’s expertise is a requirementof any reasonably high-quality educational institution. While there are placeswhere expertise in the subject is sufficient to make one a trainer, both of theinstitutions involved in the ECo-C training and testing certification day onthe 30th of November are committed to high quality. Said twoinstitutions are the highly relevant IPKeurope, of Austria , and thepreviously-mentioned and highly-regarded Dr.Eckert Schulen, of Germany .

A commitment to quality means hiring an expert, andmaking an effort to deliver this teaching in the best of situations, giving thestudents an exhaustive roundup of the pertinent field. However, it also meansoffering up a trainer who is not merely good at absorbing the knowledge, but atpassing it on; it comes back to something we mentioned on a similaropportunity… didactics.

To verify the didactic capabilities of the four Dr.Eckert Schulen candidates, ECo-C Master Trainer Andrea Eisert conducted acertification event on Tuesday, the 30th of November. Said eventincluded 5 online examination modules, a situational assessment and a feedbacksession. Although the results of the examinations are not yet known, one canonly wish the four candidates the best; after all, with Dr. Eckert Schulenintegrating ECo-C training courses in their Fernlehrgänge,the trainers had also better live up to the demanding standards of theinstitution!

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