Personality in Demand: The Event

12.07.2011 11:30

Minister Hundstorfer is getting the 100,000th page of the ECo-C curriculum by Thomas A. Bauer and Leopold Kaiblinger

Personality in Demand: The Event

Last week, a press release was issued concerning a press conference to take place at the HQ of the IPKeurope in the presence of the Austrian minister for social affairs, labour and consumer protection, Rudolf Hundstorfer as well as representatives from many important Austrian institutions such as the AMS offices of Vienna, Upper Austria and Lower Austria, and ECo-C certified training institutes such as BIT and BEST.

The press conference, in which the minister was offered the 100,000th page of the ECo-C curriculum, has now taken place. From the outset, we can agree that there is something highly symbolic to giving a document tied to an international standard and a valid certificate suited to the complex requirements of the being given to the minister for labour and social affairs: it highlights the professional and social importance of the ECo-C.

Reports suggest that the event was a success, although it is unlikely that anyone would have thought this more than one certain ECo-C candidate, whose extraordinary performance (100% pass at exactly all of the ECo-C examination modules) attracted significant, and significantly positive, attention: in addition to earnest congratulations from the minister and the IPKeurope authorities, the candidate was offered the gift of an iPod and an ECo-C watch.

There are many interpretations to that. Other ECo-C candidates might envy that lady’s good fortune, and completely overlook the fact that it was not fortune, but hard work that led her to this success. But what the common individual should retain is that the ECo-C examinations highly stress quality production; a 100% success rate is …rare, as befits any certificate of quality; so rare that the one person to achieve it has been given valuable gifts for their achievement. As ever, the message is that hard work, dedication, and genuine interest pays off!

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