Talking brings people together

22.05.2013 09:30

Vorarlberg (Austria): ZTN Training & Consulting invited to an ECo-C Event

We all know: Talking brings people together. This simple and effective saying was the reason for ZTN Training & Consulting to invite their customers to an ECo-C Event in the Wirtschaftspark Götzis in Vorarlberg. And that the topic attracts people was proved by the incredibly high number of clients that followed the invitation of ZTN Training & Consulting.

With practical examples and selected live-training sessions the guests experienced the values of the ECo-C Certification and the importance of Social Skills in today’s business world. Nowadays technical skills are not enough any more – social skills make the difference and enforce the success of a company in the global competition.

The importane of social skills in today’s business world was also the reason for ZTN Training & Consulting to offer ECo-C to their clients. With more than 20 years experience in training and consulting ZTN is a well-known and respected training center operating in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany. Over the years ZTN trained more than 70.000 people and counts 170 companies to their clients.

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