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18.09.2014 10:07

Turkey: The prestigious private school Atayurt Okullari was authorized to operate as an educational partner of ECo-C. The teaching staff consisting  of 16 persons is aiming to gain their international ECo-C IntComm certification currently. As of January 2015 the students will be educated in the subject communication, according to the international ECo-C education standard „ECo-Sken“. The obtained knowledge will be examined in Juni 2015 by the ECo-C Sken certification test.
„I am proud to be the first private school in turkey to offer the ECo-C education.“, says the general manager of Atayurt Okullan. „Our focus is our students, because children and young adults are higly important to us. The international ECo-C education is about the personal development of people.“

„The focus of the steady evolution of the structures in the economy is on quality and education standards.”, says Prof. Leopold Kaiblinger, president of the ECo-C Foundation.

“I am proud, that the key-decison makers of this private school have recognised the signs of the time and I am pleased, that young people get the opportunity to achieve the international ECo-C Sken certification.”

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