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31.10.2010 15:19

Pictures from a training workshop

In September 2010, this website reported that a Trainer and TesterCertification Workshop had taken place. Of the five phases mentionedat that time, we now find ourselves past Operationand Usage, and quite close to thelast one: Finalization.

On Friday the 23rd of October, the second part of thisworkshop, organised under the auspices of IPKeurope’s partners, took place inHungary, preceded by some internal training for the group of people that willoperate as the Hungarian Country Representative.

Naturally, the training session came to its conclusion when all six ofthe candidates took and passed the relevant certification examinations: Onetest with multiple choice questions for each ECo-C module, an offline test withopen questions, and one oral, individual assessment test. In short,a total of six tests, administered according to a palette of testing processes,so as to ensure that the candidate trainer in question has acquired, not merelyECo-C related knowledge, but the ability to creatively situate this knowledgein a dynamic, evolving framework, as demanded by the rigour of his or her job.

We are pleased to report success on all fronts; the final chapter inthis training session will come to a close in December, over the course of theofficial award ceremony that will, for the last time, officially reunite theparticipants before they head off to do as they are mandated, and… teach. 

And after that, as they say, sky’sthe limit: these candidates were the trainers. The next will be theirstudents.

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