What job-seekers really need

28.01.2015 13:55

Career published the top 3 list of the academic guide: 77% for solution and goal orientation, 77% for entrepreneurial thinking and 67% for networked way of thinking and working. It shows the expectations of personnel management on job-seekers.

About 4500 personnel supervisors took part in the survey. The increase of emphatie and social skills from 58% to 65% in the year 2015 is striking. Also, the ability to accept criticism and self-reflection will be a stronger demanded in 2015.

Hands-on-mentality and decision-making capability – are characteristics for small and medium-sized companies (46 %, 51%) – increase in large companies (52%, 64 %).

Where do recruiters seek for employees?

In first place in the ranking of 2015 is the online job market (97%) significantly more than in 2014 (88 %). This is followed by spontaneous applications and applications via homepages (66 %) and recommendations from current employees (59 %). Fairs and events will increase from 33% in 2014 to 47% in 2015.

Xing and Co. are the trend

Social-Media-Platforms such as Xing (61 %), Facebook (38 %) and kununu (27 %) – with the sharpest increase- are gaining in popularity. Seeking for informations about job applicants, personnel managers primarily pay a great deal of attention to the person´s postings and profile and wether the person´s details agree with the online profile (43%)


What do personnel heads pay attention to during a personal interview? Our highest priority is the professional competence (47 %), followed by posture and choice of clothing (45 %) and how well the applicant matches with the company (41 %). Manners, such as punctuality politeness and good behaviour are going to be strongly on the rise from 28% to 37% in 2015. Source: Hannah Richlik, (DiePresse.com) v. 23.12.2014

More than talking;-)

The internatinal career programme ECo-C is developed with scientific accompaniment, in order to meet the requirements of the job market or the economy. ECo-C promotes the capabilities and skills in personality and communikation competence. These skills meet the requirements of job seekers and employees for their career-development at hand.

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